Speakers & Presentation

Alkhaly Yamoussa Bangoura

Senior Advisor

Is a Senior Advisor for the Government of Guinea on Mining Affairs.

Prior to this, Mr Bangoura has held different positions in the Ministry of Mines and Geology:
- General Manager of the Office of Geological Services
- Technical Advisor to the Minister
- Manager of the Office of Strategy and Management
- Bauxite Project Manager for Dian-Dian deposit
- Field Geological Engineer

In the last decade Mr Bangoura has lead or participate in the negotiations of most Guinean mining agreements.

Mr Bangoura did teach for many years at Boké School of Mines and the Department of Sciences (Department of Geology at University of Conakry).

Mr Alkaly Yamoussa Bangoura is a graduate of:
*Missouri Science and Technology University (Formerly University of Missouri at Rolla) in :
- M.S. in Geological Engineering and
- M.S. in Engineering Management
*Boké School of Mines in
- B.S in Geology