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Ron Knapp

Secretary General

Ron Knapp was appointed Secretary General of the International Aluminium Institute, London in December 2008.
Prior to this, Ron held senior roles in the Australian Aluminium Council, the World Coal Institute (London) and the Minerals Council of Australia.
As the global forum of the world's aluminium industry, the International Aluminium Institute aims to promote a wider understanding of the value of aluminium and that of its products to society – and industry responsibility in relation to all key sustainability issues . . . environmental, health, safety and recycling.



IAI is the leading association of the global aluminium industry, with a diverse membership comprising 28 companies involved in the production, fabrication and recycling of this unique metal. Member companies are represented on the IAI Board of Directors by their CEOs or other senior executives and together represent over 60% of global alumina and primary aluminium production and over 80% of production outside China.  

The Institute’s key objectives are to:

• Increase markets for aluminium products;

• Defend the industry’s licence to operate and promote its licence to market;

• Provide a global forum for aluminium producers to discuss matters of common interest;

• Assist member companies to improve HSEC performance;

• Collect, analyse and communicate statistical data;

• Communicate the views and positions of the global aluminium industry.


Through the IAI, the global aluminium industry aims to promote a wider understanding of its value and that of its products to society and seeks to demonstrate, scientifically and quantitatively, its responsibility in relation to all key sustainability issues.


The IAI Board of Directors, which includes representatives from the Aluminum Corporation of China, China Hongqiao Group Limited, Shandong Innovation Metal Co., Ltd and State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), is supported by a group of industry-led advisory committees in which all member companies are encouraged to participate through direct representation. The IAI also works in close co-operation with the China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) and other national/regional aluminium associations.


Key activities of the IAI currently include:

• Publication of global alumina and aluminium production and energy use data;

• Global sustainability reporting;

• Individual and confidential facility benchmarking;

• Bauxite residue (red mud) management guidelines;

• Research into occupational, public & community health;

• Safety guidelines and anonymous sharing of serious safety incident reports; and

• Promotion of aluminium products and recycling.


The IAI sponsors the www.thealuminiumstory.com website, which covers the production, use in major market segments and recycling of aluminium.


The IAI has released some publications in Chinese, including the 2010 Alumina Technology Roadmap. These can be downloaded from: www.world-aluminium.org/publications.


国际铝业协会(以下IAI)是全球铝业的重协会协会的28家成员公司,活动涉及铝的生 产,制造和回收利用。各成员公司的CEO或其他高级管理人员组成了IAI的董事会。这些成员公司的氧化铝及原铝产量占全球产量的60%以上。产量总和占中国以外地区的80%以上。









一组行业为的咨会,支持包括中国 业公司(,中国宏桥集团,山东创新金属和国家电力投资集团公司(SPIC)在内的IAI董事会。委员会欢迎所有会员公司的直接参与IAI同中国有色金属工业协会(CNIA),其他国家地区的铝业协会保持着紧密的合作关系。


全球氧化铝和原铝的产量和能源使用的数据报 告;







IAI立了一系列与相关的网站 www.thealuminiumstory.com,内容涵盖铝的生产,铝材在各主要行业的运用以及铝回收。