The WIRTGEN GROUP is an internationally operating group of companies in the construction machinery sector incorporating the traditional product brands: WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN and BENNINGHOVEN. As technological leader, we offer our customers mobile machine solutions for road construction and road rehabilitation, plants for mining and processing minerals or recycling material and for the production of asphalt.

WIRTGEN surface miners are primarily used for the selective mining of mineral deposits and pay minerals, from soft coal to hard limestone, in opencast operation. They cut, crush and load the material in a single working pass without the need for drilling and blasting, thus enabling the exploitation rates of mineral deposits to be increased significantly. Additional fields of application include routing operations in road construction or the lowering of tunnel floors.

With the 2200 SM, 2500 SM, 4200 SM and the new 2200 SM 3.8, WIRTGEN offers its customers a range of tried and tested performance classes which can be equipped with a large variety of options and customized to specific project requirements. All models can be designed for loading the material into dump trucks or depositing it as a windrow behind the machine. Over two dozen drum designs with, for instance, different tool spacings are available for the machines as standard cutting drums while additional special designs are developed and built to meet specific application requirements.


Top Resources Group Limited

Headquartered in Hong Kong. 总部设于香港。
Annual revenues average $68 million./平均年营业额6800万美元
Top Resources operates under five divisions covering over 12 products:/福川资源下辖3个部门拥有超过12种产品:
• Base Metals & Concentrates /基本金属和精矿(铜,铝,铅,锌,大锡包括金,银精矿)
• Industrial Minerals and Chemicals/工业矿产品和化学品如锆英砂,金红石,钛铁矿,独居石等)
• 不断寻找与参与投资在澳洲,东南亚诸国的铅锌,铜与金精矿,铝土矿,氧化铝和黑色与铁矿项目,以便得到权益矿和长期合同。

1. Representing MZI Resources Limited for its TiO2 feed stocks marketing in China (澳洲上市公司股票代码 ASX ticker – MZI).-福川资源集团是独家代理澳洲MZI资源钛原料在中国的业务。它也是MZI的股东之一。网站:www.mzi.com.au)
2. Representing for Metro Mining Limited for its bauxite marketing globally, Queensland. ASX ticker – MMI.(福川资源集团也澳洲上市公司MMI,铝土矿全球独家销售代理。公司网站:www.metromining.com.au)
3.Through its subsidiary, Brilliant Sun Limited, it has invested in 福川也已经入股澳洲Hellyer’s 金矿,锂矿,氧化铝公司,还有石墨烯矿。
 a. Hellyers Gold mines in Tasmania, Australia.
 c. Lithium and Grapheme.锂矿和石墨烯矿 


An independent Bauxite mining company
Sarmin is a newly established privately held independent bauxite mining company focused on Guinea
Objective: delivering a long-term, sustainable and accretive world-class bauxite mining operation
Capitalizing on Management’s and Board proven track record:

• Substantial expertise from the natural resources and financial markets sectors
• Strong African experience and proven established local network
• Keen to discuss with new investors

Lélouma : a world-class asset bauxite mining project in Guinea
Lélouma permit (~250 Km north west of Conakry): awarded on 21st Sept. 2017
A world-class deposit of high quality bauxite with substantial geological upside
• Discovered resources (87% measured and 13% indicated) of ~580 MT with a Al2 O3 cut-off of 45%
• Located in another area than the current congested zones
• Production per year: 5-20Mt, 50% total alumina, 1.4% reactive silica.
Already started the committed work program for the development of a viable mining project with significant growth
• Strategically Located to Benefit from Infrastructure Developments
• Sustainable project with social and environmental responsibility